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About Full Service Repair & Handyman

Full House Repair and Handyman was created to service Las Vegas Airbnb's in 2015. Managing multiple vacation rentals and long term rentals, it very difficult to find a reliable handyman that could get the repairs finished fast and within tight windows.  

Local Handymen were unable to service these clients the way they needed to be serviced.  Full House Repair was created to get work done fast and professionally. 

Full House Repair will take care any minor repairs to your home or rental properties.  It is our goal to handle all your repair needs. When stuff breaks, we will be there to fix it.  

We understand what is needed to services rental properties, apartments, and personal homes.  If you have something you need done, don't hesitate to contact us. 


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Meet Our Team

Las Vegas

Blue Smoke

Marco is a  man of all trades. He has experience in everything from being a union plumber to being a contractor. His 15+ years of expertise allows him to handle quickly and professionally.  


He lives in Las Vegas with wife and two daughters.  In his time off, he coaches his oldest daughters soccer team.   He loves to take his wife to the strip to catch a show or to see a concert. 

Gissette is originally from Gautamala.  She moved to Las Vegas in 2001, where she cleaned MGM Casino.  She started her own company cleaning private residences and joined or team in 2017.  

She took over scheduling and office duties in 2019.  

She lives with her husband here in Las Vegas.  She has two grown children that she sees weekly.  In her free time she enjoys cooking and visiting with family.  

Blue Smoke

San Diego

Scott has been around the handy man business most of his live.  After his father retired from the Air Force he started a handyman company.  Working for his father in the summer is where he learned to do many of the jobs.  As he got older, he worked on his own home and rental properties where he learned to fix many other properties.  


In 2015, he had his first short term vacation rental.  Needing to do minor maintenance, he realized that good help was hard to find.  Taking on his vacation rentals and two other host's properties, he immediately jumped to over 50 properties.  For the last 8 years, he's had more work than he can handle.  

He's ready to grow his company into San Diego and with some business planning, he's looking to grow quickly.  

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